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Oct 31/16 (65)

     108 Relays

  Device Control Software

This site is dedicated to pc-based control and monitoring software for electronic devices.
There are also articles, plus links to various electronics resources on the 'net. 


Oct 31/16     

Updates to K190TCstd, K190ETCstd, K190TCLite, K190MSTCstd.  Updates also to the Electronics Suppliers page. 

Dec 06/15     

K108PCLite has been updated for use on Win10 tablets. The Electronics Suppliers page has been updated. 

Nov 23/15  
  There's a short article about Windows Tablets
These apps: K108CtrlStd, K190TCLite, K190TCstd, K190ETCstd, K190MSTCstd, and TMstd have been updated and tested for use on Win10 tablets (**see the Change Logs for more info).  

Moving on... Windows 2000 will no longer be supported (and apps likely will not even run) on any future program updates.  If you're still using a Win2K box for monitoring/control, make sure you keep a backup of your program files. 
Sep 28/15     

Major rewrite of K190TCLiteK108CtrlStd added. Electronics info  and 1-wire resource pages have been updated. 

Sep 03/15     

Minor updates  to the TMstd and PDE108 programs. Electronics suppliers resource page has been updated

Nov 08/14     

The MyLogins program has been updated.

Oct 18/14     

There seems to be a problem with displaying a DHTML menu (the sidebar) in IE11.   As a compatibility workaround, the sidebar has been converted to use standard HTML only.  

July 22/14     

Minor update to the TMstd program.  Updated K108 Tester software.  
The K145 as temperature controller project is no longer available -- all links and references have been removed.  

July 07/14     

Updates to the Diagram Editor (PDE108).  Bug fix and minor revision to the TMstd program.  New multi-stage temperature control software for the K190 (K190MSTCstd).   

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