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A Case for the K145 (version 2)

This is a second article, presenting an alternate technique for mounting a K145 board into a case.  Again intended as inspiration, and not a lot of detail is provided. 
For this unit, I used a plastic case with removable end panels.  Rather than replace the existing DB9 connector with a panel-mount type, I kept it, and mounted the board in the case so that the DB9 protrudes through an oversize hole in one of the end panels.   

38mod.jpg (110194 bytes)

The K145 board doesn't have mounting holes, so I modified the DB9 socket by removing the threaded angle brackets.  Doing this frees up the "pin" holes on the board that the DB9 plugs into for mechanical stability.  Screws and spacers can then be used to position the board in the case as needed.  

30mod.jpg (82464 bytes)

Notice the (removed) angle brackets lying beside the board.  With this particular socket, I found that 4-40 thread nuts fit the hex posts (thread type may depend on manufacturer and region).  The holes in the board can now take mounting screws.  
Rather than jacks, I decided to go with the K190 style of using terminal blocks for sensor connections.  In this case, I used 3-pin pc-mount terminal blocks.  These I soldered onto a piece of strip board cut to the same size as an end panel.   

33mod.jpg (112410 bytes)

36mod.jpg (125052 bytes)
37mod.jpg (142609 bytes)
39mod.jpg (46096 bytes)
40mod.jpg (51716 bytes)

A LED was added to the circuit, using the same method as in the first article.  Other than wiring for the LED, and mods to the the DB9 socket, the board was used as supplied.  Overall, this was a much simpler construction project, compared to the first one.  

If you're just starting with the K145, see the cable article for more info about sensor cabling.  


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