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K108 Process Controller 

The DIY/Kitsrus Kit 108 is a general-purpose relay board, having 8 relay outputs and 4 digital inputs. It has a fairly simple command set, and uses serial communications for talking to a pc.  There is software supplied with the kit -- it's quite powerful, but complicated and not too friendly.  

K108CtrlLite is designed to provide general purpose control and monitoring functions for the K108 board. Note that it is not intended to be an exact replacement for the software supplied with the K108.  
This version replaces the original K108CtrlLite and K108CtrlPro softwares. It has the same functionality as the old K108CtrlPro software, but makes use of a user-configurable diagram for the visual interface, rather than a fixed instrument-type interface. A default diagram is included. New diagrams would be created in the Diagram Editor (a separate download). 

Process Diagrams
A Process Diagram (aka P&ID) presents a symbolic map of a control system or process. This could be a power grid, an irrigation system, temperature monitoring and control in a building, a security system, and so on. Having a visual map/diagram can help make a process more understandable. 
Software features:
  - Relay Control by Input 
      - each of the 4 K108 Inputs can be configured to link to any 
          combination of relays. 
  - Timed Relay Control 
      - relay "events" can be scheduled at predetermined times. 
      - any combination of relays 
      - maximum frequency for scheduled events is once per minute 
  - Manual Relay Control 
      - each relay can be individually toggled 
      - there are 4 Pushbutton Switches that can each be configured 
          to link to any combination of relays. Each Switch can be set 
          to be momentary or latching. 
      - there are 3 "global" buttons (All On, All Off, Toggle All) that can 
          be used to test general operation of the relays. 
  - Logging of all actions, complete with date and time 
      - option to save to file every 24 hrs, or when the program closes. 
      - viewer utility for looking at saved log files 
  - Option to auto connect at program start 
  - Option to define "Start" and "Stop" relay states. 
  - Diagram interface 
      - Visual indication of Relay status, Input and Switch events. 
      - User-configurable labels for Relays, Inputs and Switches 
      - Create a diagram that suits the userís environment 
          (use the Diagram Editor, which is a separate download) 
          (a default diagram is provided) 
  - User-configurable label in the application Titlebar area 
  - Configuration settings and scheduling info are stored in a database. 
  frmMain-sprinklerdiag-conn-w-manualbuttons.jpg (96649 bytes) 



See the change log (below) for info on recent updates.
Main form -- old interface 
old_mainform_on.jpg (66606 bytes)
Main form -- new diagram interface,  
showing default diagram
frmMain-defaultdiag-conn.jpg (98763 bytes)
Main form with alternate diagram, 
using sprinkler control as an example 
frmMain-sprinklerdiag-conn-w-manualbuttons.jpg (96242 bytes)    
Configure Inputs
frmConfig-inputs.jpg (63264 bytes)    
Configure manual control
frmConfig-manual.jpg (77461 bytes)
Configure Start/Stop
frmConfig-startstop.jpg (48078 bytes)
Configure Relay linkage
frmCmd-word.jpg (22774 bytes)
Configure "friendly" names for Relays 
and Inputs and Switches  
frmConfig-namespg.jpg (64711 bytes)
Configure the interface colors 
frmConfig-color.jpg (73620 bytes)  
Scheduling form 
frmSched.jpg (117308 bytes)  
Copy a whole day's schedule forward.    
frmCopy-a-Day-sched.jpg (43206 bytes)   
Remove old schedule data  
frmDBcleanup.jpg (85682 bytes)    
The Log form  
frmLog.jpg (90927 bytes)   
Viewer for saved Log files 
frmLogview.jpg (103764 bytes)   

System Requirements
  - Win2K to Win8x (not tested on Win95/98)
  - 5MB of hard drive space
  - an available serial port
     (**can also be used with a USB-to-Serial adaptor)

You can download the files here
The Diagram Editor is here.


Change Log   

Sep 05/09  
v. 2.0.1 (17) 
  - core functionality is based on original K108CtrlPro
  - revised visual interface to use a user-designed diagram
  - configuration revised to work with diagram 
  - name change to K108CtrlLite
  - Help file updated

Apr 10/09 
v. (48) 
  - Coding changes to improve reliability of sending commands to 
      the board. 
  - The database file (for scheduling and config) is now embedded 
      in the application (exe file). The program now checks for 
      the existence of the Data and Log folders at startup, creates 
      them if necessary, and loads a copy of the db file into the 
      Data folder. 

Feb 02/08 
v. (45)
  - fixed problem with making a backup of the mdb file

Jan 16/08 
v. (44)
  - Added color config options for the Custom Label and Friendly Names. 
  - Modified Database to accommodate new config options.
  - Internal changes in preparation for "Internationalizing" the program. 
      A consequence of this is many visual changes (most obvious with buttons and fonts). 
  - No changes or additions to basic functionality. 

a. See the Help file re load capabilities of the K108 board.   







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