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July  2021 (74)


K108 Pulse Counter Lite

The K108 Relay board from DIY/Kitsrus (www.kitsrus.com) features 8 computer-controlled relay channels. It also includes 4 digital (on/off) type input ports. This software makes use of the Inputs to count pulses coming from an external device. The external device could be (for example) a photodetector for counting widgets on a factory production line or, it could be the pulse output from a liquid flowmeter, for counting the volume of fluid flowing through a pipe in a solar heating system. 

There is an alarm setting for each Input port, to trigger a warning when a specified count is reached. The alarm can also be configured to operate a relay if desired. 

Software features:
  - 4 channels of pulse counting
      - display total pulse count and average time between pulses
      - configure volume or quantity per pulse, and display total and  
          average hourly rate
      - option to configure alarm setting for max value 
      - option to operate a relay when max count setting is reached 
      - count info can be saved to file 
  - 8 channels of relay control, either manual, 
      or linked to Inputs or count alarms 
  - logging of input, relay, and other events 
  - user-configurable "friendly" names for Inputs and Relays 
  - option to add user comments to the Log 
  - selectable Com port, with option to auto-connect at program start
  - config settings are saved to file

  See the change log (below) for info on recent updates.

 frmMain-conn-I2alarmR4.jpg (108509 bytes)



Main form, not connected
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Main form, showing Input1 
active link to R1
frmMain-conn-I1linkR1.jpg (107211 bytes)

Main form, showing I2 alarmed at 
max count, and R4 tripped. 
  frmMain-conn-I2alarmR4.jpg (108509 bytes)
Log form  
  frmLog1.jpg (93780 bytes)
  Config form
frmConfig.jpg (100414 bytes)


System Requirements
  - WinXP to Win10   (not for WinRT or Win8 tablets)  
     **Do not install in the ProgramFiles folder
  - 4.3 MB of hard drive space (incl. Help file)
  - an available serial port
     (**can also be used with a USB-to-Serial adaptor)

You can download the files here.


Change Log

Dec 06/15 v1.2.1 (XE2-T06)
  - visual changes/adjustments to enhance 
      operation on a Win10 tablet
      ** tablet should be set to Desktop mode (Tablet mode = OFF).
  - works on WinXP to Win10
      (not for WinRT or Win8 tablets)
  - Help file not updated

Jul 03/09 1.1.1 (30) 
  - fixed bug with Com port config settings
  - modified Input state detection to prevent false counting 
        on long closed states.
  - fixed a couple of display bugs with Count info 
  - added user-config names for relays and inputs
  - added simple logging function 
       - added config settings for Log 
       - log is saved as tab-delimited text file
  - some visual layout adjustments 
  - updated Help file 

Jun 13/09 v. 1.0.1 
  - First release


a.  The program uses GDI+ for some of the graphics display.  
     Win2000 (and Win98) may need the gdiplus.dll file to be downloaded from Microsoft.  
b.  See the Help file, re load capabilities of the K108 relays for your application.  
c.  Sample pulse-generating products...
       - The DIY/Kitsrus Kit79 and K130 are photodetector circuits that have relay contacts 
           that can be used for generating a pulse.  
       - This page shows a flowmeter that has a pulse output: 






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