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July  2021 (74)


K108 Controller Standard (K108CtrlStd)
(suitable for use on Win10 tablets)

The K108 Relay board from DIY/Kitsrus (www.kitsrus.com) features 8 computer-controlled relay channels, plus 4 digital (on/off) type input ports. This software provides general purpose control and monitoring functions for the K108 board.
Software features:
 - Relay Control by Inputs
     - each of the 4 K108 Inputs can be configured to link to a relay.
 - Relay Control by Manual action
    - 4 Pushbutton Switches that can each be configured to link to 
        a relay. Each Switch can be set to be Momentary or Latching.
    - relay indicators on form can be configured to act as pushbuttons,
        which allows each relay to be individually toggled.
    - 3 "global" buttons (All On, All Off, Toggle All) that can
        be used to test general operation of the relays.
 - Relay Control by Schedule
    - relay "events" can be scheduled at predetermined times.
    - any combination of relays
    - maximum frequency for scheduled events is once per minute
 - Logging
    - overall relay status is logged once per minute, 
       complete with date and time
    - scheduled relay events are recorded as they happen
    - Switch and Input events are recorded as they happen
    - option to autosave to file every 24 hrs, 
        or to manually save as desired
 - Configuration settings and scheduling info exist 
        only during program runtime.

  See the change log (below) for info on recent updates.

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Main form, connected
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Log form
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Config form, Main 
frmConfig-Main.jpg (103107 bytes)
Config form, Scheduling  
frmConfig-Sched3.jpg (124165 bytes)   
  Select a relay combination
frmSelectRelayCombo.jpg (55377 bytes)
  Sched Name
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System Requirements
  - Win2K to Win10x   (not for RT or win8 Tablets)
      Note: the app is "skinned" -- appearance may be different on Win2K
  - approx. 6.7 MB of hard drive space (incl. Help file)
  - an available serial port (USB-Serial works, too)

You can download the files here.


Change Log

Nov 19/15  v2.1.1  (XE2-T02)
  - fixed bug with popup menu items
  - visual changes/adjustments to enhance operation 
     on a small (eg: 7") Win10 tablet.
      - tablet should be set to Desktop mode (Tablet mode = OFF).
      - assumes tablet in Landscape, with Taskbar at bottom
  - no changes to functionality. 
  - Help file not updated

Sep 03/15 v2.01 -- First release
  - based on the recent revised "Tester" app. 






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