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K145 Network Temperature Monitor Lite 

This is a stripped down version of the K145TMStd software with a server component added, to allow remote data viewing.  Remote viewing is done in a web browser.  Although it is "finished", it was done as a proof of concept.  As built, it has limited usefulness.  However, the ideas will likely be incorporated into something more functional at a later time.  This software works with the DIY/Kitsrus K145 Temperature Data Logger kit.  

Software features:
  - 4 channels of temperature monitoring and logging  
  - thermometers, temperature and min/max display in local program 
  - configure friendly channel names and thermometer scales 
  - configure Com port
  - configure server port number  
  - remote browser view 
      - displays channel temperatures, min/max values, 
          and the temperature log 
      - browser display updates automatically every 5 minutes, 
          with option to do a manual update at any time
  - maximum 1 remote connection at any given time 
  - temperature log can be manually saved to file 
      (tab-delimited format) 
brwsr_display2.jpg (83311 bytes)

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kit at Carl's


See the change log (below) for info on recent updates.  

Temperature and Thermometer display in the main form,  connected. 
mainform_therm_conn.jpg (58157 bytes)
Temperature config in the main form
mainform_tempcfg.jpg (60921 bytes)
  Server config in the main form
mainform_srvrcfg2.jpg (48159 bytes)
 Showing the Log in the main form
mainform_log.jpg (78087 bytes)

  Remote browser view of temperature data
  brwsr_display2.jpg (83311 bytes)




System Requirements
  - Wind2K to Win8x 
  - 1.9 MB of hard drive space
  - an available serial port 
  - network connection for remote viewing (optional) 
      Browser display has been tested in IE6, IE7, Chrome1, Firefox3, and Opera9. 
      **Browsers seem to draw text and shapes a bit differently from each other. 
        There may be unusual spacings or border widths in some browser windows. 
You can download the files here.


Change Log  
Apr 11/09 
v. 1.2.1 (20)
  - renamed program file (from NTMLite.exe) to K145NTMLite.exe 
  - widened display on remote viewing form for better 
      visibility of the "Comment" column in the Log. 
  - remote display now updates once every 5 minutes
  - added button on remote display to permit manual 
      data update
  - reconfigured server and remote viewing form 
      to permit viewing in more browsers. 
      Tested remote view in: 
         - IE6 (Win98SE and Win2K)
         - IE7 (WinXP and Vista)
         - Chrome 1.0 (WinXP)
         - Firefox 3.08 (WinXP) 
         - Opera 9.64 (WinXP) 
         **Browsers seem to draw text and shapes a bit 
            differently from each other. There may be 
            unusual spacings or border widths in some 
            browser windows. 
  - updated Help file 

Mar 09/09
v. 1 first release





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