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K145 Temperature Monitor Lite
shareware, $19 USD)

This application is designed to monitor and display temperature information from the DIY/Kitsrus K145 Temperature Data Logger kit (www.kitsrus.com). This is a 4 – channel unit, using DS18S20 one-wire temperature sensors. Connection to the pc is through the serial port.    

Software features:
  - 4 channels of temperature display and recording
     - Thermometer display 
     - Diagram and Plot window
     - Logging 
  - User-configurable Diagram interface recent  
     - Display temperatures and channel labels in user-created diagram 
          (diagram is created in separate Editor program, here)
      - Temperatures and channel labels are color configurable  
      - Optional date-time object in diagram  
      - Default diagram is included 
  - Displays Min/Max values for each channel
  - User definable colors for each channel for Thermometers and Plotter
  - Option to define "friendly" names for each channel
  - Option to configure calibration offsets for sensor readings recent 
  - Select Deg C or Deg F, in software 
     (** the K145 must be jumpered for Deg C, and left on that setting)
  - Adjustable temperature display scales for thermometers and plot 
     (Conversion calculator included, to assist with setting 
      temperature scale)
  - Logging function, with configurable log interval  
     - Add user comments to Log  recent
     - Log is saved to file either manually, or automatically on 
         a 24 hour cycle
     - Log file is saved in tab-delimited format, for easy loading 
         into a spreadsheet program
  - The program uses local settings (aka “Regional Options”) for 
      formatting temperature values, and dates and times in the Log. 
  - Capture a screenshot of the Diagram/Plot window
  - Selectable COM port 
  - Option to auto-connect at program start 
  - Configuration settings are saved to file
  frmMain-diag-house.jpg (105848 bytes)

Purchase the 
K145 kit
at Carl's


Pay for the

See the change log (below) for info on recent updates.

Diagram page, with Default diagram 
frmMain-diag-default1.jpg (174279 bytes)
A fridge monitoring diagram
frmMain-diag-fridge.jpg (121115 bytes)
Logging page
frmMain-Log-fridge.jpg (206095 bytes)
Thermometer page
  frmMain-therm-fridge.jpg (87849 bytes)
  Add a user comment to the Log
frmComment.jpg (15197 bytes)
frmConfig-channels.jpg (49678 bytes)
 frmConfig-diagram.jpg (64917 bytes)
frmConfig-temperature.jpg (47182 bytes)
  Capture of diagram and plot 
CaptureDefault Dec10-09_9-17am.jpg (155016 bytes)
  Capture of plot only 
CapturePlotOnly Dec10-09_9-17am.jpg (41374 bytes)



System Requirements
  - Win2K to Win8x (not tested on Win98)
     (a user has reported being able to run the program in Linux/Wine) 
  - 3.6 MB of hard drive space
  - an available serial port
You can download the files here.  
The Diagram Editor files are here.  
(See the old K145TMLite here:  K145TMStd)




Change Log  
Sep 08/10 
v. 2.1.1 (14) 
 - added option to open main window maximized
   (when maximized, the Title Bar - at top - is removed)
 - popup menu 
    - added option to adjust spacing of menu items
    - added option to have a "Menu" button to call the 
       popup menu, from the button bar at the bottom 
   These options are intended for those using a touchscreen. 
 - added "Minimize" function 
 - K145TMLite has been successfully tested on Win8
 - Help file not updated

Mar 23/10
v. 2.0.2 (09) (internal release)
 - revised Offset configuration 
   - opens in separate window
   - now accessible when connected 
   - range increased to +/- 15 in 0.1 steps 
 - Help file updated

Dec 14/09
v. 2.0.1 (08)
 - added user-configurable diagram interface 
    - create diagram in separate Diagram Editor program 
    - plot display is moved to diagram page, and 
       reduced in height 
    - capture function 
        - plot and diagram together 
        - plot only
 - added ability to add user comments to Log
 - revised configuration display 
 - revised time display at bottom of main window 
 - this (diagram capable) version becomes shareware 
 - Help file updated 

Oct 17/09
v. 1.7.0 (79)
 - added ability to modify recorded (and displayed) temperatures 
    with a calibration offset value. 
 - Help file updated.  
Mar 26/09 
v. 1.6.6 (76)
  - fixed issue with Spacebar key, where pressing the Spacebar 
    could accidentally cause a connect/disconnect from the K145

Mar 09/09
v. 1.6.5 (75)
  - fixed problem with Logging engine where logging 
     would stop for no apparent reason. 

Jan 28/09
v. 1.6.4 (73)
  - fix bug in auto-save Log counter
  - fix bug in how Min/Max values are handled.
      Originally, the Min/Max values would be immediately reset 
      if piece of "bad data" came through on that channel.
      Now, previous Min/Max values are maintained.  Min/Max values
      are reset only when establishing a connection with the K145 board, 
      when changing temperature scale, or by deliberate manual action. 
  - modified temperature display handling.
      Originally, if a piece of bad data came through, that channel 
      display would be immediately set to "-----". Depending on the 
      severity of the problem, that channel display might be seen to 
      be flipping back and forth between "-----" and a number. 
      Now, the display for that channel will maintain the previous value 
      when a piece of bad data comes through. This is on a 10-second 
      timeout. If valid data hasn't arrived within the timeout period, the 
      the display will go to "-----". 
  - Help file updated

Jan 21/09
v. 1.6.3 (71)
  - fix bug in auto-saving the Log
  - modified internal handling of data errors
  Known issue: the Min/Max values for a given channel may reset 
    if a piece of "bad data" comes through on that channel. 

Jan 12/09
v. 1.6.2 (70) 
 - fixed problem with sign not being displayed for negative temperatures
 - improved timing accuracy of the logging engine
Nov 27/08
v. 1.6.1 (63) 
 - added options for handling data errors 
   This is useful for older hardware where data transmission 
    may not be stable.
 - Log is now automatically saved to file every 24hr
 - Added a counter to display how many times the Log has been auto-saved
 - revised form layout so that current temperatures are 
    visible no matter which page is displayed 
 - removed the visual Tabs that were used to switch between views. 
    Instead, use the shortcut keys (or the popup menu)
       - [Ctrl] + [T] for Thermometers
       - [Ctrl] + [P] for the Plot page
       - [Ctrl] + [L] for the Log page
 - Thermometer page is now called "Thermometers" rather than "Display" 
     in the popup menu. 
     Shortcut key changed to [Ctrl] + [T]
 - Config and Log files are now stored in a subfolder of the MyDocuments 
    folder. ie: C:\MyDocuments\K145\K145Config.ini
 - updated the Help file

Known issue... 
Under certain conditions, the timing of Log entries gradually shifts. 
This is apparent in Win98 systems, and in newer systems with multiple 
processors. Example: over a 24hr period, the Log timestamps may have 
gained (or lost) approximately 5 seconds. 

Oct 01/08
v. 1.5.2 (43)
 - fixed Win98 configuration issue
 - revised layout of Conversion Calculator form
 - changes to Grid Brightness settings now saved from Config form and Main form
 - updated Help file

Jul 29/08 
v. 1.5.1 (42) 
 - configuration settings are now saved to file
 - added AutoConnect option
 - added option to select Log font and size
 - configuration moved to a separate window
 - conversion calculator moved to separate window 
 - temperature scales display has been simplified
 - minor visual changes to main display
 - Help file not updated

Jul 15/08
v. 1.3.3 (40)
 - improved timing accuracy of the Log engine.

Jun 23/08
v. 1.3.2 (39)
 - added temperature number display to Plot page
 - added Plot grid brightness control (in popup menu)
 - moved Plot channel visibility control to popup menu
 - moved Max and Min value displays closer together (Thermometer page)
 - visual adjustments to accommodate new display
 - help file _not_ updated 

Feb 08/08
v. 1.3.1 (38) - Not published
- minor adjustments to some labels

Feb 07/08
v. 1.3.1 (37)
  - revised Logging Engine 
      - temperature data is now recorded in "parallel" 
          ie: each channel in its own column. 
      - added Logging Interval option 
          The Interval is adjustable between 1 second and 1 minute. 
  - the program now detects when a temperature sensor is disconnected. 
      Displays and logging for the disconnected channel are adjusted accordingly. 
  - moved Log font size adjust to the Config page 
  - removed access to DTR line -- the board is powered up automatically, 
      when COM port connection is established. 
  - adjustments to the Plot Capture routine, to eliminate menu ghosting in Vista.
  - adjustments to Config page to make room for Logging options 
  - added Help link (?) at top-right of program window.  
  - Help file has been updated

Dec 07/07
v. 1.2.3 (31)
  - added code to recognize regional settings of user's computer
  - dates and times are recorded in Log according to local settings
  - local decimal separator is recognized and used for display and logging of data. 
  - when saving the Log to file, the suggested filename has the local date format, 
      but using "-" as a separator.

Dec 02/07
v. 1.2.2 (28)
  - fixed problem with internal error handling 
  - minor color adjustment in Log screen 

Nov 30/07 
v. 1.2.1 (27)
  - Serial connection 
    - internal coding changes to improve the connection process
    - added option to manually control the DTR line
    - moved COM port selector to the Config page
    - added additional config popup for the serial port
    - serial port disconnect process is now separated from 
        the program shutdown process -- the program will 
        continue to run even when disconnected.
  - Logging 
    - logging is now a little more verbose
    - added option to set Log screen font to a larger size
    - modified the "column" spacing on the Log screen for 
        better readability
    - modified how the temperature channels are identified 
        for better readability in the Log
    - the "Save Log" dialog now includes the date and time 
       in the suggested filename. 
  - Plotting
    - removed the 0.1 sec setting
    - added 30 sec (360 min/6 hr) and 300 sec (60 hr) setting 
  - Other
    - added more error handling 
    - dates should now be displayed in local format
    - times are now displayed in 24 Hr format 
    - added Menu items and keyboard shortcuts for selecting 
        different pages for display ("Display", "Plot", etc). 

Jun 18/07
v. 1.1.1
  - added Min/Max temperature indication
  - minor visual changes

Apr 11, 2007
v. 1.0.1
  - added Plot screenshot capability
  - added test for serial connection, while program is running. 
  - minor visual changes

Mar 10, 2007 
v. 1 released

a.  This version of the Temperature Monitor is freeware.
b.  Read about the DS18S20 1-wire Temperature Sensor here
c.  The original developer of the K145 (Quozl) has a project page:  
d.  If you're unsure about the usability of your serial port, you might want to try connecting 
      with the K145 Tester, or HyperTerminal.  If you can connect, and the data is not corrupted 
      in the display, then your port should be OK.  
      If you're not familiar with HyperTerminal, there's a tutorial here.  
e.  There is an RS232 tutorial here.  






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