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K145 Temperature Monitor Pro 
shareware, $21 USD)

This is an advanced version of the K145TMLite software for the DIY/Kitsrus K145 “Temperature Data Logger” board.  While it offers a data monitoring and recording function, it uses a different paradigm from the Lite version.  Here, data is recorded immediately into a database file, as it’s processed, reducing the risk of data loss.  As well, plotting is moved into a separate “Viewer” utility, which allows data viewing in offline mode.  The Viewer can also connect to a live logging session, which allows plot views of current data.  

Software features:
  - 4 channels of temperature monitoring  
  - 2 applications
     A. Logger, to connect to the K145 and do the actual logging 
          - displays the active logging session 
          - temperature display area, with thermometers 
               and min/max values
          - friendly names for each channel, with color coding 
          - option to add custom comments/notes to the log 
          - option to add an offset (calibration) value to readings  new
          - option to add custom program title 
          - temperatures are logged into a database file immediately, 
              so there's no danger of data loss. 
          - Logger window is vertically resizable 
     B. LogViewer for offline viewing of temperature data 
          - load a log file for viewing temperature data  
              - search and edit functions 
              - option to export data for loading into spreadsheet
          - view plot of temperature data 
               - zoom and pan 
               - option to capture plot to file or clipboard
          - statistics page 
               - general summary of logging info 
               - min, max, range, and average temperatures  
               - most frequent temperature value 
               - option to save stats to file 
          - the viewer application can connect to an active logging 
               session, for viewing data (including plots)
   - option to AutoConnect at program start 
   -  multiple copies of the logging program can be run on the same 
        system, each with its own configuration, for connection to 
        multiple K145s
   - Logger config settings are saved to file 
   - the database system is MSAccess, which makes it easy 
        to link to the data from other programs 
   - a sample log file is included 
logger_conn.jpg (160839 bytes) 


Pay for the

See the change log (below) for info on recent updates.

Logging and Thermometers, not connected
logger_nc.jpg (78542 bytes)
Logging and Thermometers, connected
logger_conn.jpg (160839 bytes)
Config form sample page  
cfgpage_channels.jpg (43745 bytes)
Config form sample page
  cfgpage_temp.jpg (38168 bytes)
  Log Viewer - showing Log page  
lvwr_logpage.jpg (137251 bytes)
  Log Viewer - showing Plot page 
lvwr_plotpage.jpg (99450 bytes)
  Log Viewer - showing Stats page (a) 
lvwr_statpage_a.jpg (76996 bytes)
  Log Viewer - showing Stats page (b) 
lvwr_statpage_b.jpg (97612 bytes)
 Plot capture from LogViewer, 
black background 
K145TMPro_plotview_Black.jpg (101811 bytes)
 Plot capture from LogViewer, 
white background  
(black border was added later)
K145TMPro_plotview_White.jpg (153588 bytes)
  Another plot capture from the LogViewer  
K145TMPro plotshot Sep04-09.jpg (154011 bytes)




System Requirements
  - Win2K to Win8x (it runs on Win98SE, but not supported there) 
  - 3.8 MB of hard drive space
  - an available serial port
You can download the files here.


Change Log  

Aug 21/10
 - Logger
   v. 1.2.1 (29)
   - added option to add fixed offset values to temperature readings. 
      Offset values can be in the range of +/- 15 deg. in 0.1 deg. steps. 
      Offsets can also be adjusted (for fine-tuning) while connected, 
      however this should be done only in the first few minutes of a 
      monitoring session. Otherwise it will be difficult to interpret readings. 
   - added option to limit recording of intermittent extreme temperature 
      values. The extreme values can be greatly minimized by using a 
      capacitor across the power connections at the sensor (see the 
      108Relays website for more info). This software-based limiting 
      function should be used as a last resort. 
      How it works: if an extreme value arrives (greater than the specified 
      limit), then the previous value is used instead.
   - Popup Menu... 
      - added option to adjust height of Menu items. 
      - added option to display a "Menu" button onscreen
      These options are for those using the program on a touchscreen. 
 - LogViewer
   v. 1.2.2 (41) 
   - added a couple more options to the Search function. 
      Now includes: "Like", ">=", and "<="
 - K145TMPro has been successfully tested on Win7/64
 - Help file not updated 

May 12/09 
  v. 1.1 (24) 
  - fix for how LogViewer plot engine handles temperature channel dropouts.
      The plotter will now use the last known good temperature value 
       if it encounters a dropout in the data. 
  - no updates to the Logger program.
  - no updates to the Help file. 

Mar 16/09
   v. 1.0.1 First release 

a.  Read about the DS18S20 1-wire Temperature Sensor here
b.  Read about cabling here.
c.  The original developer of the K145 (Quozl) has a project page:  
d.  If you're unsure about the usability of your serial port, you might want to try connecting 
      with the K145 Tester, or HyperTerminal.  If you can connect, and the data is not corrupted 
      in the display, then your port should be OK.  
      If you're not familiar with HyperTerminal, there's a tutorial here.  
e.  There is an RS232 tutorial here.  






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