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K190 Multi-Stage Temperature Controller Standard
(K190MSTCstd)  (freeware)
(suitable for use on Win10 tablets)

Several years ago, I had a request for some kind of multi-stage heat control, from a home brewer.  Based on his description of the process, this is it.  It's a variation on the K190TCstd software (works with 190 and 190E firmware).  Channel 1 is modified to provide up to 3 stages of configurable heating, with a configurable timed rest period after each heat stage.  

 This version is freeware.  License is the same as for the K190TCstd software.

System Requirements
  - WinXP to Win10 (not for WinRT or Win8 tablets) 
  - approx 5.2 MB of hard drive space (incl. pdf Help file)
  - an available serial port
  ** Log files are saved to the program folder.
      Do not use "Program Files" folder for installation  


      Config pg - nc - no control.png (29938 bytes)   Ch1-cfg-conn.png (11571 bytes)  Stages logged.jpg (143111 bytes) 


Download the program files here  

Change Log

Sep 27/16 v1.1.2.1 (XE4-01)
  - bugfix for Decimal Separator issue
  - Win2K no longer supported
  - Help file not updated

Nov 19/15 v1.1.1.1 (XE2 T02) 
  - visual changes/adjustments to enhance operation 
     on a small (eg: 7") Win10 tablet.
       - tablet should be set to Desktop mode (Tablet mode = OFF).
       - assumes tablet in Landscape, with Taskbar at bottom
  - no changes to functionality.
  - Help file not updated 

Jun 30/14 v1.0.1.1 (XE2-06)
 - First release
 - modified version of K190TCstd
   (Ch1 modified for 3 stages of heating, with timed resting)








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