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K190 Temperature Controller (K190TCLite)
- freeware -

This is an enhanced version of the K190TCStd software, for the DIY/Kitsrus "K190 Temperature Monitor and Control" kit (www.kitsrus.com). The K190 is a 4-channel unit, using DS18S20 or DS18B20 one-wire temperature sensors, and relays for switching external loads.  Connection to the pc is through the serial port.     

Software Features:
 - works with both the DIY K190 and the Ozitronics 190E firmwares
 - 4 channels of temperature monitoring and control 
     - Heat and Cool modes 
     - Individual Setpoint and Dropout config for each channel   
     - Option to add temperature offset value to sensor readings 
 - Able to manually operate relays 
 - Min/Max temperature display 
 - Display/record temperatures in C or F  
 - Temperature plot display   
     - plot displays Minutes, Hours, Days, or Weeks
     - uses a time compression technique, rather than time scrolling. 
        This means that you can show (theoretically) unlimited time 
    - capture Plot to clipboard (Includes Start time and End time). 
    - user-define each channel color
    - user-define temperature scale 
    - temperature scale is adjustable up/down at runtime (+/- 25 Deg) 
 - Thermometer display 
     - scale and colors match those of the plot display
 - C-F conversion calculator included
 - Logging of temperatures and relay status 
     - Temperatures and relay status are recorded with a timestamp 
     - Selectable logging interval (30s 60m) 
     - Add a user comment to the Log  
     - Save log to file automatically every 24 hrs. 
     - Save log to file manually 
     - File is in tab-delimited text format 
     - Configurable log font  
 - Option to auto-connect to board at program start
 - Selectable COM port and baud rate 
 - Disconnect alarm (for serial connection)
 - Change visual appearance (by skinning) 
 - Custom program title  
 - Config settings saved to file
 - Built-in web server for remote data viewing (new)
 - All buttons, plus slider and scroll buttons are "touchable" on 
    a touchscreen. 
 - useable on Win10 tablets
frmMain-plot-conn-sk4.jpg (86163 bytes)




See the change log (below) for info on recent updates.

Thermostat Config
config-therm settings.jpg (71910 bytes)  
  Other Config
config-other.jpg (74324 bytes)
Offsets Config
cfg-offsets.jpg (26756 bytes)
 Temperature display, connected
frmMain-cfg-conn-sk2.jpg (146542 bytes)
Log page, connected
frmMain-log-conn-sk3.jpg (126128 bytes)
Plot page, connected
frmMain-plot-conn-sk1.jpg (92802 bytes)   

  Thermometer page, connected 
frmMain-thermom-conn-sk2.jpg (99999 bytes)

Plot image, as captured.
Background is converted to white 
before image is placed on Clipboard.
        plotshot-22hr.jpg (60603 bytes)          
Server page, with server active
frmMain-srvr page - live-2.jpg (50219 bytes)
Remote data view in browser
web view-1.jpg (169203 bytes)



System Requirements
  - Win7 to Win10  (not for WinRT or Win8 tablets)
      **May work on XP and Vista, but not tested there
  - 11.5 MB of hard drive space (includes Help file)
  - an available serial port
You can download the K190TCLite files here



Change Log  

June 10/19 v3.2.1.1 (XE4-Rem-09) 
  - added web server for remote data viewing
  - Help file updated

May 14/19 v3.1.3.2 (XE4-03) 
  (internal release)
  - bugfix for manual toggle of relays
  - license changed to freeware

Sep 28/16 v3.1.3.1 (XE4-02) 
  - bugfix for Decimal Separator issue
  - revised Plot brightness control (now a slider)
  - support for Win2K dropped
  - Help file has been updated

Nov 19/15 v3.1.1.1 (XE2-T06) 
  - visual changes/adjustments to enhance operation 
     on a small (eg: 7") Win10 tablet.
      - tablet should be set to Desktop mode (Tablet mode = OFF).
      - assumes tablet in Landscape, with Taskbar at bottom
  - no changes to functionality.
  - Help file not updated 

Sep 17/15 v3.0.1 (XE2-06)
 - removed Diagram
 - major internal rewrite 
 - revised plotting, logging, visual display
 - new Help file 

Sep 08/10 v.2.3.1 (35) 
 - added option to open main window maximized
   (when maximized, the Title Bar - at top - is removed)
 - popup menu 
    - added option to adjust spacing of menu items
    - added option to have a "Menu" button to call the 
       popup menu, from the button bar at the bottom 
    These options are intended for those using a touchscreen. 
 - added "Minimize" function 
 - Setpoint range expanded: now -25 to +225
 - bug fixes around Deg F calculations related to Offset values 
 - revised Offset configuration 
 - now opens in separate window 
 - adjustment to +/- 15 degrees in 0.1 steps 
 - revised Config form to accommodate new options.
 - K190TCLite has been successfully tested on Win7/64
 - Help file not updated 

Feb 9/10 v.2.2.1 (27) (internal release) 
 - revised Dropout values to be in 0.5 degree steps 
    **a dropout value of 0.5 degree C will likely work 
    (depending on environment). 
    a dropout value of 0.5 degree F will likely cause problems 
    due to such tight control. 
    (Hint: degree F has smaller incremental values than C) 
 - revised Diagram file detection, error messaging is simplified 
 - when doing "live" Setpoint changes (ie: when connected), the 
    new Setpoint value now shows on the Thermometer screen. 
 - there are some environments where temperature readings may 
    randomly and suddenly change to some extreme value. This 
    has a negative effect on min/max values. The program now 
    compares the new value to the old value. If the difference is 
    greater than a preconfigured "Max Allowed" setting, then the 
    old value is reused. There is also an option to make note of 
    this in the Log. 
 - Help file updated 

Dec 20/09 v. 2.1.2 (26)
 - revised error handling so that "bad data" errors are recorded in 
    the Log rather than halting the program. 
 - fixed bug in Log engine that might cause an AV.
 - Temperature scales can now be set for a range of 10 degrees. 
 - Setpoint (and related values) settings are now accessible when 
    connected to the K190 (see popup menu). 
 - Help file *not* updated

Oct 18/09 v. 2.1.1 (24)
 - added ability to modify recorded (and displayed) temperatures 
     with a calibration value. 
 - Help file updated.

Oct 09/09 v. 2.0.1 (22)
 - moved user configuration settings to separate window
 - added diagram interface
     - moved and resized plotter to fit bottom of diagram page
     - added color config settings for control objects in diagram 
 - replaced most buttons with popup menu 
 - logging is now always on 
 - changed Thermostat operation... 
    When manually operating a relay an enabled Thermostat 
    is disabled, and *stays* disabled, until re-enabled from 
    the popup menu. 
 - keyboard shortcuts updated 
 - Help file updated 

Jul 13/09 v. 1.2.2 (38) 
 - changes to how the Disconnect Alarm works... 
   - removed text ("Disconnect") from Flasher, 
       added hover hint: "Alarm Disconnect" 
   - added config option to use a different (internal) procedure 
       for generating the Alarm sound. 
   - modified timing so the Alarm will start sounding a bit earlier. 
   Note1: in testing here, the Alarm _will_ sound even when the program 
   is minimized, or not topmost onscreen, or the screensaver is 
   running. This is using either of the "A" or "B" sound procedures. 
Note2: later reports indicate issues with the Alarm sound may be 
   due to accessing the program through Remote Desktop.   

Jun 14/09 v. 1.2.1 (36) 
 - added Plot view (with fixed 32 hr timeline), with ability to capture Plot to clipboard 
 - fixed bug in Thermometer display, where a Thermometer would 
     continue to show a value after a sensor had been disconnected. 
 - NOTE change in keyboard shortcuts due to Plot view being added 
 - Help file updated 

May 12/09 v. 1.1.1 (34)
 - added "Add Comment" function
    (user can add a custom comment to the Log)
 - added 2 new skins (4 total) 
 - minor visual layout adjustments 
 - Help file not updated 
Mar 26/09 v. 1.0.2 (29)
  - fixed issue with Spacebar key, where pressing the Spacebar 
     could accidentally activate a button. 
     (eg: cause a connect/disconnect from the K190)
  - improved keyboard tabbing through controls on the Config page.

Feb 28, 2009 
  First release. 







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