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December 2020 (73)



MyLogins is a storage utility for passwords and Logins, and related information.  I wrote this originally for work use, at a place where I was providing tech support.   This is a modified version, suitable for personal use.  

Software features (updated Dec/20):
  - password protected application 
  - encrypted database for storage 
  - logins are organized by Type  
  - view logins listed by Type, or "ALL" in a simple grid view 
  - separate login editing form 
  - backup function 
  - database repair function 
  - sample data included  
  - for Win7 to Win10 (see Requirements section)
*Note:  MyLogins is provided as-is.  No warranty is made for its usability or for the effectiveness of the data encryption.    

Main form, organized "By Type".  
         frmMain.jpg (65829 bytes)

Main form, "All Logins" page.  Here, all of the Logins can be viewed at once.  
            frmMain-All.jpg (112975 bytes)
Log in to MyLogins
        frmLogin.jpg (9096 bytes)
Change Password form  
            frmChangePwd.jpg (13121 bytes)
Add/Edit a Login
       frmEditLogin.jpg (43338 bytes)
Edit list of login Types
           frmEditLList.jpg (21693 bytes)


System Requirements
  -  Win7/8/10 - 32 or 64bit (should work on Vista or XP, but not supported there)   
     **The database file is stored in the application folder. 
        Do not use the ProgramFiles folder as a location for the MyLogins program files.   
  - approx. 4MB of hard drive space (incl. database and Help files)

You can download the files here.


Change Log

Dec 01/20 - v 2.1.1 (XE4-15)
  - main program window now adjusts height at startup, 
      according to monitor screen height
  - some font size adjustments
  - some color changes
  - Print functionality has been removed
  - Help file has been revised






                                                                                           Copyright 2007 -  2020 by John Gray