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July  2021 (74)


- freeware -

OnTheWire will find temperature sensors on a 1-Wire network, and read/display their temperature values. It will recognize and work with DS18B20, DS18S20, and DS1822 temperature sensors. 

OnTheWire connects to a 1-Wire network through a 1-Wire Adapter. A 1-Wire hardware adapter provides the serial communication interface (with appropriate timings) between a computer and the 1-Wire network. This interface can be straight serial, usb-to-serial, or usb. 

Where the K145, K190, and the VK011 hardware connect individual sensors to individual microcontroller pins, the 1-Wire Adapter connects multiple devices (in this case temperature sensors) all on one line/wire. How many sensors can be connected depends largely on network topology and cable lengths.  OnTheWire will read read and log up to 15 sensors max.

     Showing computer connection to Adapter to 1-wire sensors

Hardware Compatibility
At this writing, OnTheWire has been successfully tested with the 
  - Denkovi USB-to-1-Wire Adapter, and the 
      The Denkovi Adapter uses a terminal block connection for the sensors.
  - iButtonLink LinkUSB USB-to-1-Wire Adapter.
      The LinkUSB is available with terminal block or RJ45 connection.
These Adapters use or emulate the Dallas/Maxim DS2480B adapter chip. 

Jun/20 -
User report (thanks Dale!)...
  - OnTheWire runs on WinXP 
  - The adapter from PCSensor (www.pcsensor.com) works with OnTheWire
a home-built 9097-based circuit also works with OnTheWire

July/21 - runtime test...
 OnTheWire software has been running 24/7 on a Lenovo M93/Tiny for 11 months, without problems.
 The box is disconnected from the network.  The M93 was purchased refurbished through Amazon.  
 The 1-wire connection is through a Denkovi adapter.

frmmain.jpg (98321 bytes)
Main window

frmbuff w-log.jpg (125474 bytes)
Buffer window

frmlog.jpg (166393 bytes)
Log window

frmstitch-full.jpg (281358 bytes)  
Log Stitcher

A simple collection bus  
My preference is to use wire connections (as opposed to RJ45), so this was built with terminal blocks on strip board.
CollectBus_1409.jpg (70153 bytes)
test bus2.jpg (14499 bytes)

System Requirements

  - Win7/8/10 - 32 or 64bit (works on Vista or XP, but not supported there)
  - approx. 9.7 MB of drive space, incl. Help file
  - an available usb or serial port (depends on the Adapter used)

You can download the files here.

Change Log

Jul 23/20 v1.0.4.1 (31)
  - added connection (timeout) alarm
    (**for main cables only -- it does not track individual sensors)
  - Help file has been updated

Jun 23/20 v1.0.3.2 (27) 
  - added alternate menu that can be accessed by touch
  - Help file not updated

Mar 19/20 v1.0.2 (24)
  - empty temperature fields are now removed when Log is saved to file. 
  - added "Stitcher" utility. The Log Stitcher will combine individual 
     daily log files into to one whole log file. 
  - Help file partially updated

Jan 29/20 v1.0.1 (22)
  - added option to export Sensor list to text file
  - Buffer window is automatically cleared every few hours, 
     to improve resource usage.
  - Help file partially updated.

Jan 17/20 v0.9.9 (Beta) (19)
  - added option to autosave the temperature Log
      (saves every 24hr pre Midnight, then clears existing log data)
  - added option to add a comment to temperature Log
  - unused Log columns are now hidden

Jan 10/20  v0.9.5 (Beta)
  - Buffer window now collects readings for all sensors connected
  - some visual changes to the Buffer window
  - Help file partially updated

Jan 08/20  v0.9.1 (Beta)
  First release 









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