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Oct 31/16 (65)


Diagram Editor (PDE108)

A Process Diagram (aka P&ID) presents a symbolic map of a control system or process. This could be a power grid, an irrigation system, temperature monitoring and control in a building, a security system, and so on.  Having a "map" of the control environment - with relays and/or temperatures displayed in the map - can make for a more intuitive understanding of the overall system. 

The new line of 108Relays control and monitoring software uses such a diagram as the main visual interface. These diagrams will display information just as the original interfaces did, but you can create a layout to suit your environment. Some layouts will be interactive (eg: if running a K108 control program, you’ll be able to click on a Relay or Switch object in the diagram, to operate the relay. This Diagram Editor software is the tool you use to design these diagrams. 

Editor features:
  - Standard drawing shapes, such as rectangle, ellipse, diamond, 
      polygon, etc.  Use these to represent equipment and processes. 
  - Ability to convert an existing shape (rectangle, ellipse, diamond 
      only) to another
  - Various kinds of line objects (straight, right-angle, z-line, 
      bezier curve)
  - Multi-line text object, suitable for labelling or longer descriptions 
  - Pre-defined control objects for K108, K145, K190, and VK011 
      boards (eg: relays, inputs, temperature, alarms, labels) 
  - Shadow option for all drawing objects 
  - Embed bitmap images in a diagram
  - A popup Properties editor, for setting and editing property values  
      for each drawing object
  - Customize color for all shapes, lines, and shadows 
  - Status display, showing object count, size of diagram area, 
      and mouse position in a diagram
  - Save drawing to file
  - Capture drawing to Clipboard, for pasting into a graphics program 
  - Simple “Test” function to verify viewability and operation of 
      control objects   
  - A series of demo/tutorial diagrams is included 

frmDiag-K190house-blublk.jpg (123642 bytes)







Showing a set of control objects for the K108
frmDiag-K108obj.jpg (132365 bytes)
"Default" diagram for the K108
frmDiag-K108default.jpg (157935 bytes)
Irrigation diagram for the K108
   frmDiag-K108irrigation.jpg (186641 bytes)
"Default" diagram for the K190
   frmDiag-K190default.jpg (161941 bytes)
K190 as temperature control in a house layout
  frmDiag-K190house-blublk.jpg (123642 bytes)
The same K190 house layout, different color
  frmDiag-K190house-whblk.jpg (146849 bytes)
"Default" diagram for the K145
frmDiag-K145default.jpg (187263 bytes)
A demo/tutorial diagram
frmDiag-demo2.jpg (240571 bytes)

System Requirements
  - Win2K to Win8/64  (not yet tested on Win10)
     **The config file is stored in the program folder.  Do *not* use the ProgramFiles folder 
        as a location for the PDE108 program files.   
  - 10.3 MB of hard drive space (incl. Sample diagrams, images, and Help files)
You can download the files here.


Change Log 

Sep 02/15 v. 1.2.2 (XE-64)
  - fixed issue with file paths in Open and Save dialogs.

June 28/14 v. 1.2.1 (63) 
  - added Rulers to diagram window
  - objects can now also be moved and resized by keyboard control.
     Use *Keypad* with Ctrl and Alt keys. 
 - entering text is now optional when creating new Diamond, 
    Ellipse, and Rectangle shapes. 
      (see config item under File|Configure, in main menu)
 - toolbars are now fully hinted 
 - Open and Save dialogs now remember where they were last used.
      Full path and filename now shown in statusbar.
 - "Same Shadow" function now includes Text objects
 - fixed bug where objects copied and pasted from Clipboard 
     were sometimes truncated
- Help file updated

May 26/14 v. 1.1.3 (58)  (internal release)
 - fix: error when adding a date-time (DT) object to diagram
 - found bug: Saved Text font name is not honored when a 
    diagram is reopened -- the text appears to revert to 
    Tahoma font. Still under investigation.  

Dec 04/09 v. 1.1.2 (57)
 - Bug fixes 
   - Diagram Capture menu item was sometimes disabled 
      when it should have been enabled. 
   - shadow color not replicated when changing shape 
      (diamond, rectangle, ellipse) 
   - "Same Shadow" function did not work with text objects  

Nov 22/09 v. 1.1.1 (55)
  - bug fixes 
    - missing hints in toolbar
    - incorrect mouse position noted when 
        mouse pointer moves over a drawing object
    - alignment operations did not always align according 
        to first object selected 
    - equal widths/heights operations did not always adjust 
        dimensions according to first object selected
  - added second toolbar with additional functions 
  - Help file updated 

Aug 30/09  v. 1.0.1 
  - first release 






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