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Temperature Monitor Standard (TMstd)
- freeware -

This application is designed to display and record temperature information from the DIY/Kitsrus K145 Temperature Data Logger kit (www.kitsrus.com), and from the QKits VK011 Serial Temperature Sensor Interface kit (www.qkits.com).  Both are 4-channel units, using DS18S20 one-wire temperature sensors. Connection to the pc is through the serial port.    
(Note: this is a replacement for the original K145TMstd and VK011TMLite softwares.)
Software features:
  - 4 channels of temperature display and recording
     - Thermometer screen 
     - Plot screen
     - Logging screen 
     - Config screen
     - Server screen
  - Displays Min/Max values for each channel
  - User definable colors for each channel for Thermometers and Plotter
  - Define "friendly" names for each channel
  - Option to configure calibration offsets for sensor readings 
  - Select Deg C or Deg F, in software 
     (** the K145 must be jumpered for Deg C, and left on that setting)
  - Adjustable temperature display scales for thermometers and plotter
     (Conversion calculator included, to assist with setting 
      temperature scale)
  - Logging function, with configurable log interval
     - Log window is resizable
     - Log is saved to file automatically hourly, with option for 
         manual save as well 
     - Log file is saved in tab-delimited format, for easy loading 
         into a spreadsheet program 
  - Plotting function
     - Plot interval is displayed in Minutes, Hours, Days, or Weeks
     - Plot window is resizable
     - Capture a screenshot of the Plot screen to Clipboard
  - Built-in webserver to permit remote data viewing (new)
  - Selectable COM port  
  - Configuration settings are saved to file 
  - Config window for VK011 firmware
  - useable on Win10 tablets
frmDisplay-conn-2ch.jpg (25788 bytes)



See the change log (below) for info on recent updates.

Main window, connected
frmDisplay-conn-2ch.jpg (25788 bytes)
Log window
Plot window
frmPlot-120min.jpg (64382 bytes)
  Config Window
frmConfig-ch settings.png (20446 bytes)
  Plot capture
 ploltshot-120min.jpg (46996 bytes)
Server window - live 
 frmServer-live.jpg (44494 bytes)
Remote data view, as seen in Chrome browser
TMStd browser view.jpg (159766 bytes)  




System Requirements
  - Windows 7 to Win10x.  (not for RT or Win8 tablets) 
       **May work on XP and Vista, but not tested there
  - 11.3 MB of hard drive space (incl. pdf Help file)
  - an available serial port
  ** Config and Log files are saved to the program folder.
      Do not use "Program Files" folder for installation
You can download the files here.




Change Log  

Jun 14/19 (XE4-11)
v. 2.3.2
  - improvements to web server functionality
  - Help file updated

Oct 31/16 
v. 2.3.1 (XE4-10) (internal release)
  - in Plot window, changed brightness control to a slider
  - added Web Server for remote data viewing
  - Help file partially updated

Nov 22/15 
v. 2.2.1 (XE2-T04)
  - fixed bug in popup menu, where keyboard shortcuts were cut off
  - visual changes/adjustments to enhance operation 
      on a small (eg: 7") Win10 tablet.
       - tablet should be set to Desktop mode (Tablet mode = OFF).
       - works ok in Landscape or Portrait, with Taskbar at bottom
  - no changes to functionality.
  - Help file not updated. 

Aug 30/15
v. 2.1.2 (XE2-11) 
  - Revisions to plotting... 
    - added "Weeks" as a plot interval
    - added runtime adjustment for line thickness
       (default is "1", can now make "2" if desired)
    - a captured Plot image now includes the Start 
        date/time, as well as the End date/time. 
 - Removed the "Minimize" button from sub forms. The 
    application should be minimized or not, as a whole.

July 21/14
v. 2.0.3 (XE2-09) 
  - if a monitoring session is running when closing the program, 
     you are now asked: "are you sure?"  

v. 2.0.2 (XE2-08)
  - fixed issues with handling of Decimal Separator 
     (program would crash/hang in countries that use "," (comma)) 
  - Log AutoSave function modified...
     The Log is now saved to file hourly, with 2 options: 
      - one continuous log file, or
      - break the log into separate files every 24hr
    The "continuous" Log continues to grow in memory, 
    as data is added. Breaking the Log means only small 
    chunks are maintained in memory. This may improve 
    program performance for long-term monitoring sessions. 

v. 2.0.1 
  - Revised K145TMstd to work with K145 and VK01, and renamed 
  - Log, Plot, Thermometer, etc functions separated out to individual windows
  - New Plot engine, revised how plot interval works
  - Made Log and Plot windows resizable 
  - Revised Config window 
  - Included VK011 config window for firmware configuration
  - Help file updated to reflect program changes
Dec 20/09
v. 1.0.1 (02)
  - Program has been renamed to "Standard" (K145TMStd) from "Lite" 
     (based on v. 1.7.0 (79) of the old K145TMLite program)
  - Help file updated to reflect program name change

a.  This version (TMstd) is freeware.
b.  Read about the DS18S20 1-wire Temperature Sensor here
c.  The original developer of the K145 firmware (Quozl) has a project page:  
d.  If you're unsure about the usability of your serial port, you might want to try connecting 
      with the K145 Tester, or HyperTerminal.  If you can connect, and the data is not corrupted 
      in the display, then your port should be OK.  
      If you're not familiar with HyperTerminal, there's a tutorial here.  
      See also MinTerm Lite
e.  There is an RS232 tutorial here.  






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